Excellent workability

corrender opens new potential for higher efficiency and thus reduces production costs. The high-performance protective coating results in excellent processing properties that lead to considerable increases in production and processing efficiency.

Fewer cleaning intervals due to less zinc abrasion

Substantially less zinc abrasion occurs during the processing of corrender as compared to classically galvanized steel strip. This makes it possible to greatly reduce the number of cleaning intervals required and thus increase production times between cleanings. Industrial-scale tests have shown significant reductions in cleaning downtime.

Larger processing window during deep drawing

Process reliability in the press shop is increased through improved deep-drawing properties of corrender. The result is fewer rejects, especially in parts subjected to extensive forming, which leads to improved efficiency.

Perfectly combinable with multifunctional coatings

corrender can be excellently combined with multifunctional coating systems such as dryform and magicform.

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