Higher product quality

The application of corrender not only optimizes processing, but its performance is also a significant contribution to increased quality in the final product.

Higher cathodic corrosion protection

The corrosion protection of corrender is significantly higher than that of conventionally galvanized steel strip. Automotive manufacturer tests confirm improved levels of protection when compared to Z, ZE and ZE-P coatings. The cut edges are protected by optimized electrolytic protection, even when the layer thickness is reduced.

Improved flange protection

The application of corrender in the flange results in up to 50% higher corrosion protection (VDA Test 621-415 and 233-102).

Improved cosmetic corrosion protection (significantly reduced creepage)

Improved paint appearance

Customers report an improved paint appearance in formed condition as compared to conventionally galvanized steel strip. corrender is also available with texplus upon request.

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