Hot-dip galvanized steel strip:A new perspective

voestalpine is a highly professional and reliable partner to many important customers in the automotive industry. In this role, the company is naturally committed to extensive research and development activities in order to provide products that help our customers more effectively surmount future challenges.

corrender stands for the next evolutionary step in hot-dip metal-coated products that are superior because of several advantages when compared to classical galvanized steel. Extensive laboratory experiments, large-scale trials, industrial-scale applications and customer references have confirmed the benefits and potential of corrender in the automotive industry.

Your contact partner

Peter Heinzl

Director of Sales, Automotive Industry

T: +43 50304 15-4266

F: +43 50304 55-4266


Convincing advantages
  • Increased process reliability and excellent processing properties
  • Reduced abrasion in component manufacturing
  • Less adhesive tool wear (galling)
  • Improved corrosion protection

corrender Automotive
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