Innovative inline manufacturing uses compacore® baked self-bonding varnish as a basis.

The baked self-bonding varnish: Developed in cooperation with a company specialized in bonding technology, the compacore® self-bonding varnish features unique characteristics. It is applied fullfaced as a liquid, extremely fine layer to the electric strip by voestalpine Linz. Under heat treatment, the lamination cures to a stable surface that is dry to the touch, allowing easy transport and handling of the steel. Further specific heat treatment during the production process will then reactivate the bonding effect.

The manufacturing process: The entire manufacturing process of the stacks is performed inline, i.e. within one die. During the so-called hot-stacking process, the stamped electrical steel layers are bonded over their full face within the stamping die, without compromising the integrity of the insulating layer.

As a result the self-bonding varnish protects the individual layers against corrosion, reduces performance losses and prevents the motor from developing frequency humming. There is no more noise caused by vibrating layers.

Using press speeds that are known from traditional stackingmethods such as punch-packed stacking, chemically fully cured stacks can be produced in a highly reliable process that is unprecedented in its efficiency.

The technology also ensures that the customer-specific shape is precisely maintained. With using the specifically developed inline measuring, voestalpine is able to measure and guarantee the desired electromagnetic characteristics.

Especially for delicate components, compacore® provides new geometric design opportunities. With this technology, large components as they are often used in electromobility applications, can be produced with highest stability.