Creative metal construction

A medium-sized business with four production sites in Upper Austria and Czechia and with sales offices in Germany, DOMICO stands for innovative architecture and economic construction. With more than three decades of valuable experience, we are in tune with today’s demands and develop intelligent products for roof, wall and facade applications and prefabricated lightweight construction elements that meet every technical and artisan requirement.

Permanent functionality, non-penetrating assembly

All DOMICO profiled sections are mounted without any penetration. Without having any effect on the functionality, material-specific longitudinal expansion can take place as temperatures fluctuate.

Material-related production, precision and highest quality

High-precision production according to customer specifications and actual measurements saves costs and time in assembly. This is also achieved by the high degree of prefabrication.

Confidence and reliability, consultation and service

Our employees will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support in finding the optimum solution for your roof, wall or building application. We offer the following services upon request:

  • Service specifications specially tailored to your structure
  • Detailed engineering and design
  • Provision of specifications
  • Partition plans
  • Static calculations
  • Construction site support