Maximum Guarantees for roof, wall and drainage solutions

colofer® has been an ECO pioneer since 1998 and we have acquired more in-depth manufacturing knowledge and product expertise in the field of chromate-free coating technologies than any other steelmaker. Building on our vast experience, we can offer our customers very long guarantee periods (up to 40 years), even under the harshest conditions (RC 5).

The colofer® guarantee consists of the following three elements: appearance guarantee, guarantee against rust perforation, adhesion guarantee.

Automatic guarantee

Our customers benefit from extensive guarantees—uncomplicated, transparent and without registration.

Special guarantee

We also offer guarantees for applications in particularly demanding environments such as altitudes above 2,100 meters, coastal regions (C5–M) and industrial environments (C5–I). Upon registration, we grant special guarantees on selected products for applications in such critical environments and additional services that are not covered by the automatic guarantee.