More than just brilliant colors


Appearances are not deceiving. Thanks to its high-quality PVDF coating, this product features exceptional UV resistance (RUV 4). We automatic guarantees for up to an altitude of 2100 m.
  • Excellent color retention (RUV 4)
  • High degree of temperature resistance

  • Automatic guarantee for up to 2100 meters above sea level

colofer® UV
Total layer thicknessapprox. 25 μm
Adhesion after bending≤ 1 T
Crack formation during bending≤ 3 T
Scratch resistance≥ 20 N
UV resistance RUV 4
Corrosion resistanceRC 3
Certifications / guidelines
colofer® UV
Guarantees for
Roof application
colofer® UV
RC 2RC 3RC 4RC 5
Corrosion (rust)1812XX
Coating adhesion105XX
Appearance RUV 4RUV 4XX
Guarantees for
Wall application

Corrosion (rust)2015XX
Coating adhesion108XX
AppearanceRUV 4RUV 4XX

Standard colors


The unique design of the production line makes it possible to achieve a very high degree of reliability in the reproduction of color shades.


colofer® UV matt


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