More than just extremely resistant

Like water off a duck's back. Specially developed for drainage systems, this product has excellent forming properties and is extremely resistant to scratching and corrosion (RC 4).
  • Very good forming properties
  • Additional resistance to scratching (35 N)

  • Additional corrosion protection (RC4)

  • Highest UV resistance category (RUV 4)

  • Guaranteed up to an altitude of 2,100 meters

Winner in corrosion resistance with higher layer thickness

This product features increased corrosion protection and can also be used for drainage applications in environments that contain high levels of salt or are heavily polluted by industrial emissions (RC4). Furthermore, thanks to the higher layer thickness, the protection against mechanical damage is increased to 35 N.

Standard colors

The unique design of the production line makes it possible to achieve a very high degree of reliability in the reproduction of color shades.

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