More than just extremely resistant to scratching


This product is extremely resistant to scratching thanks to its special surface. In addition, colofer® robust is characterized by a high level of UV resistance (RUV 4) and we offer guarantees up to an altitude of 2100 m.
  • High resistance to scratching
  • High level of UV resistance (RUV 4)

  • Guaranteed up to 2100 meters above sea level

A surface with outstanding properties

Particularly resistant paint

Based on an innovative paint and special micro-particles, colofer® ROBUST is extremely scratch-resistant and resistant to windand weather when compared to conventional products. It also exhibits excellent formability. colofer® ROBUST even withstands hailbombardment with hailstones up to a size of 60 mm without damage.

Highest possible UV resistance category (RUV 4) 
Only high-quality paints from premium European manufacturers are used in the production of colofer® ROBUST. colofer® ROBUST therefore meets RUV 4, the highest requirement for UV resistance specified in the standard (ÖNORM B3521-1) and from 900 metersupwards, thus ensuring intensive and durable colors over many years.

colofer® ROBUST
Total layer thicknessapprox. 25 μm
Adhesion after bending≤ 1 T
Crack formation during bending≤ 3 T
Scratch resistance≥ 30 N
UV resistanceRUV 4*
Corrosion resistanceRC 3

* only applies to selected standard colors

Certifications / guidelines
colofer® ROBUST
Guarantees for
Roof application
colofer® ROBUST
RC 2RC 3RC 4RC 5
Corrosion (rust)1812XX
Coating adhesion105XX
Appearance RUV 4*RUV 4*XX
Guarantees for
Wall application

Corrosion (rust)2015XX
Coating adhesion108XX
AppearanceRUV 4*RUV 4*XX
Guarantees for
Drainage application

Corrosion (rust)1510XX
Coating adhesion105XX
AppearanceRUV 4*RUV 4*XX

Standard colors

The unique design of the production line makes it possible to achieve a very high degree of reliability in the reproduction of color shades.

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