Overall costs for powder coating are calculated as follows:

Storage and in-house transports
Transport costs (transport equipment for voluminous parts, transport surfaces, storage surfaces), prematerial safety stock (coated semi-finished products), coating safety stock

Investment costs, depreciation

Production system costs (pretreatment, paint-baking and cooling zones), safety appliances, additional labs, chemical and powder storage units (hazardous materials), insurance, net-debt service

Environmental expenses

Expenses for compliance with increasingly stringent environmental restrictions, e.g. wastewater treatment systems, powder recycling, etc.

Coating process costs

Fuel, energy, electricity and water costs, rejects, IT costs

Material costs for coating process

Costs for coating materials (powder coatings, auxiliary and operating supplies, cleaning agents, degreasing agents, pretreatment chemicals) and disposal expenses for coatings

Other expenses

Permits, administration, miscellaneous additional handling expenses (additional assembly costs resulting from more complex structures)