UCCU, the ultra-high-quality compact cam unit, creates new perspectives in the world of modern tool development. Proven quality combined with effective product design allows almost limitless applicability. The result is a cam unit designed for every market as well as one that efficiently meets every tool requirement.


  • Work surface: 60 mm
  • Angle: 0 – 75° (5° increments)


Technical properties

  • Average service life: 2 million strokes
  • Guaranteed service life: 1 million strokes
  • Parallel processing during assembly
  • Side plates
  • Hardened sliding surfaces
  • Complies with BAK, VDI and NAAMS
  • Special cam unit options
  • At least 700 N/mm² tensile strength of driver, sliding element and cam bed materials

  • Flexibly dismountable: Just as the optimized generation of cam units (O-KS), the UCCU can also be dismounted from the back and side. Efficient tool use and more flexible handling are your advantages.
  • Tremendous compactness, yet very low complexity: Sophisticated component geometries and application-specific optimization are impressive features of the highly compact UCCU design.
  • High retraction forces and excellent quality: Take a look at the UCCU for yourself. You will find all the relevant data in our Product-Finder