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Tablets in production improve efficiency

Viktoria Steininger
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Digitalization can be found in all areas of voestalpine, starting at the very beginning in the production chain. Mobile tablets are used in the Steel Division’s blast furnace systems in Linz, which saves a lot of valuable time. And time is money.

Access to data while on location

For the process engineers, it is clear that digitalization can significantly improve efficiency in many areas. One example is the use of tablets in the blast furnace systems in Linz. The tablets give the employees access to all the necessary office programs and functions while on location. Mobile access to all relevant data saves time in daily work routines. Time that can be very expensive, especially in the case of blast furnace production. Shorter paths and optimized repair processes can quickly lead to multi-digit savings.

The advantages are clear

The advantages of the digitalized, mobile solution are obvious. Technicians have access to hydraulic, control, and electrical plans as well as work instructions, documentation, and lists while on location. Another major advantage is access to the control system directly on site. The technicians can immediately see whether the repairs and implemented measures have worked. This allows them to immediately execute many maintenance steps and shorten downtime.

Use under industrial conditions

Especially in the harsh environmental conditions that are usual where blast furnace systems are located, operation must be as simple as possible. This was a key criterion for purchasing, because you need high-quality tools to perform high-quality work. Dustproof and waterproof protective covers with replaceable screen protectors are mandatory.

Well-lit displays for use in any location.

Digital expansion continues

However, the introduction of tablets is not the end of the digitization process in blast furnace systems. More optimizations and features are planned.

Viktoria Steininger