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8th virtual steelmaking challenge

Christopher Eberl
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The first round of the challenge is open on 12th November, 12:00 GMT, to students and industry employees, with less than five years of service. It’s possible to enter the competition as an individual or as a team and make within 24 hours many attempts as you wish.

8th virtual steelmaking challengeThe participation is for free. You will be given the task of delivering a specific grad of steel using a specially customized continuous casting simulation. The winner is the entrant or the team who successfully completes the simulation at the lowest overall cost. Regional champions from the “student” and “industry” categories will be identified for each of the five main regions: Latin America, Europe CIS, North America, Middle East-India-Africa and East Asia-Oceania.

8th virtual steelmaking challenge

The five winning entrants or teams from each category will be invited to take part in the Grand Final, with full sponsorship provided. The final will take place on 19th February 2014 in Brussels. The world champions will receive a trophy and € 1,000 cash prize. For full details please go to www.steeluniversity.org.



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