Guide rails that save lives 2 Minutos de lectura

Guide rails that save lives

Stephanie Bauer
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voestalpine Krems and voestalpine Straßensicherheit invest in a new production system, reinforcing their collaboration and taking advantage of synergies.

Hans Pflügl and Kurt SchwarzlmüllerSteel guide rails save lives year after year and are a firmly established part of the road traffic scene. That’s why voestalpine Straßensicherheit continues to develop and optimize road safety. Each year, thousands of guide rails are produced and installed in road restraint systems for highways and freeways.

Guide rails that save lives

In the past, part of guide rail production had to be outsourced due to a lack of machinery. The purchase of a pre-punching machine now makes it possible to produce more guide rails in Krems. Two hydraulic punches that are directly integrated into the profiling production line punch the hole pattern into the strip before it goes into the profiling machine. When it comes out of the profiling machine, the product is completely finished (including all cutouts and punched holes). The collaboration between the two voestalpine subsidiaries led to process optimization and lower costs. The batch sizes are now optimized to the profiling process. There are also no intermediate storage costs due to simplified packaging and internal transport.