“Check the energy prices? Certainly!” 2 Minutos de lectura

“Check the energy prices? Certainly!”

Hannes Pesendorfer is a price expert. At work at voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmbH in Linz, he tracks the constant ups and downs in energy prices on behalf of voestalpine.

Actually Hannes Pesendorfer isn’t really a trader. A graduate of electrical engineering and process automation, he has always been drawn to technology.

Engineer in purchasing

“That’s why after studying at the Graz University of Technology I went to VAI, today’s Primetals,” says Pesendorfer, describing the start of his career. “My move to key account sales at Energie AG then gave me a foretaste of what I’m currently doing.” The keen engineer, as demonstrated by the model helicopters he builds in his free time, came to voestalpine 15 years ago. Here, together with colleagues at the power plant, he was part of a technical development of a special kind: shifting voestalpine from the strongly regulated into the liberalized energy market.

"Liberalization of the electricity market in 1999 truly brought more excitement into the business."
Hannes Pesendorfer

Today he is responsible for energy purchases (electricity and natural gas) at voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmbH. His team considers the power situation at the production facilities and organizes the energy flow between the markets and voestalpine accordingly. He also coordinates internal energy flows within the Group’s clusters and networks.


Buyers for technology

The energy procurement team grew from one to currently four employees as a result of increasing attention being paid to energy within the Group. They all work closely with colleagues at the power plants and participants in the energy pools. The trade in electricity and natural gas is an exciting, time-consuming business, and one which Pesendorfer is delighted to be part of: “Energy procurement is constantly changing, always offering something new.”

"Regulations, laws, and not least our negotiating partners, permanently face us with new challenges. That's an aspect of my career which I value highly."
Hannes Pesendorfer

Pesendorfer also checks energy providers in his spare time, always on the lookout for the best deal.


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