voestalpine Polynorm Plastics supplies passenger vehicle underbodies 2 minutes spent reading

voestalpine Polynorm Plastics supplies passenger vehicle underbodies

Viktoria Steininger
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A premium automotive manufacturer will be relying on plastic from voestalpine Polynorm Plastics for their underbodies in future.

press line

Press line

voestalpine Polynorm Plastics B.V. in Roodendaal and Putte (The Netherlands) will be supplying the complete underbody for an executive car in future. The underbody will be produced in three separate parts before being assembled into a complete underbody by the OEM, a premium automotive manufacturer. Roosendaal produces the engine noise shield at the front, as well as the two long lateral panels, and Putte supplies the rear cover. As a result, the OEM will receive the complex pressed and injection molded parts from a single source.


Underbody subject to significant demands

The demands made on the plastic components supplied by voestalpine Polynorm Plastics are very extensive:

  • Impact resistance to stone chipping
  • Acoustics: absorption of engine noise
  • Heat resistance to surrounding temperatures (engine, exhaust)
  • Pedestrian protection: special crash performance (absorption of forces)
  • Aerodynamics: optimal redirection of airflows
3D unterboden

3D Rendering

voestalpine Polynorm Plastics masters these challenges admirably. The so-called long fiber thermoplastics GMT, SMC and D-LFT are used for the underbody. They are not only very light, but also extremely impact resistant, effortlessly standing up to stone chipping and other mechanical stresses.


Investment in new press line

A completely new press line is being installed in Roosendaal in order to press the components. The new 4,300 ton press will be the only one of its kind in Europe. It will take around a year until the new complex press line, including production hall, is ready for operation.

As well as its technical competence, voestalpine Polynorm Plastics also profits from its proximity to Rotterdam harbor, opening up efficient transport routes to its customers.


Viktoria Steininger