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voestalpine in France – Home of the Euro 2016

Jürgen Schatz

To coincide with the start of the UEFA Euro 2016, voestalpine takes a look at the group’s activities in France, where it is represented by twelve companies.

France, the home of this year’s UEFA Euro 2016, plays an important part in voestalpine’s internationalization strategy. Here, the group is represented by twelve companies from all four divisions. In the year 2015/16 the voestalpine Group earned EUR 466.55 million and employed 869 people. The Metal Forming Division operates the following companies in France: voestalpine Stamptec France, Nedcon France SASU, SADEF FRANCE S.A.R.L., voestalpine S.A.P. and voestalpine Profilafroid. Though also the Special Steel Division (Deville Rectification S.A.S.U., GMV Eschmann International SAS and BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM France S.A.S.), the Metal Forming Division (Materiel Ferroviaire d’Arberats SASU and voestalpine Welding France SAS) and the Steel Division (voestalpine France SAS) are represented in host-country of the European Championships.

voestalpine in France


voestalpine is a leading partner, particularly for highly demanding customers in the future-oriented mobility sector in France for whom the group carries out numerous projects in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and the railway industry.


voestalpine Stamptec France, for example, supplies PSA Peugeot Citroën with metal parts (punching, forming) and modules (assembled units, safety and collision absorbing components). In fact, it was recently awarded the Best Plant 2016 Award as part of the automobile manufacturer’s Supplier Day.


The airplane manufacturer Airbus is provided with a variety of engine parts as well as parts for the fuselage and the so-called center wing box. Furthermore, the Special Steel companies were represented at the 2015 Paris Air Show, the largest and most important aerospace fair in the world, under the umbrella brand “Böhler Aerospace”.


Even France’s state-owned railway operator SNCF relies on voestalpine’s products in many ways. For instace, Vignol rails from voestalpine can be found particularly along the TGV routes, while grooved rails were used for many of the railway networks around major cities (including Paris, Lyon and Marseille). Moreover an order was placed for voestalpine to deliver a total of 12,000 tons of rails for the Channel Tunnel. This project is being carried out in cooperation between voestalpine Schienen, voestalpine Railpro and voestalpine France.


In addition, voestalpine Tubulars (Metal Engineering) supplies the French oil and gas industry with pipes, which are used for oil drilling and extraction in the South of France, as well as in the Champagne region.

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