Safety controls at BÖHLER Aerospace 3 minutes spent reading

Safety controls at BÖHLER Aerospace

Volkmar Held

They work in the background to ensure the safety of millions of people: quality controllers at the BÖHLER companies.

High standards for safer flights

Engine disc

The engine disc, a critical component

Safety takes priority – particularly in aviation. Materials used in aviation and aerospace must withstand the severest strains. This places correspondingly high demands on quality and its control. Testing the engine discs produced by BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik accounts for up to 10 percent of the overall manufacturing cost. And this share of the costs is vitally important: charged with high levels of energy, a damaged engine disc could slice its way into the tanks or the body of the aircraft, with potentially dangerous consequences. At sister company Böhler PROFIL, Harald Holzinger from Sales Engineering points out the strict quality standards his production company already places on the pre-materials: “We have to ascertain that the delivered billets demonstrate the required macrostructures, for example.”

Testing provides certainty

Tensile test

Tensile test

The quality controllers function as the ‘security services’ at the BÖHLER Aerospace production companies; they mustn’t miss any indication of a fault. A handbook lays out the key procedures making up the seamless quality management system. This is recognized by customers and independent control agencies, including the American NADCAP program and national authorities such as qualityaustria. However, the certification required for aviation applications not only covers the products. It also includes the manufacturing process, for example, heat treatments. Harald Holzinger reports on stress testing of guide blade profiles for the engine stator.



"Our profiles have to withstand constant temperatures of 650°C in creep rupture tests run over a period of more than 23 hours."
ZitatHarald Holzinger

“… Control is better”

Ultrasound test

Ultrasound test

Microscopic structural testing

Microscopic structural testing

“Trust is good, control is better”, an old adage teaches us. That’s why both our in-house and external laboratories undertake testing on behalf of BÖHLER Aerospace. Our in-house quality control laboratory is equipped with a wide range of destructive and non-destructive testing devices. Tensile tests, microstructure testing, and ultrasound tests ensure adherence to customer requirements and international standards. Testing is also delegated to external institutions in order to uphold safety standards. For example, material testing specialist Exova in Plzeň tests forged parts for material fatigue.

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