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Joint forces for ÖBB

Volkmar Held
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voestalpine Railpro and Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH (WWG) are demonstrating their combined expertise in the Austrian rail network.

Railpro WWGFor railway operators, secure network availability is key to success. For the Austrian Federal railways (ÖBB) this means amongst others to carry out timely maintenance work. voestalpine Railpro B.V. and Weichenwerk Wörth GmbH take joint efforts to repair insulated rail joints.

40 insulated rail joints are to be renewed in the ÖBB network. So far, the insulating rail had to be cut out and new ones had to be fitted and welded. This process was always associated with longer track closures and therefore offered a high optimization potential.

"ÖBB came to us with the desire to find a more favorable solution. We found it in the know-how of our sister company Railpro."
ZitatHelmut Kopetsch, Head of Order Processing Services WWG

Using group know-how

Insulated Joints

Insulated Joints

WWG is a specialist for services around the track system of railway networks and uses adapted know-how from voestalpine Railpro for the maintenance of the ÖBB insulated rail joints. With its new insulating rail joint repair system, the Dutch company offers an immensely time-saving method. In the Netherlands, it has already proven itself in more than 20,000 uses.

Instead of costly replacements, the desired release effect is achieved by injecting a self-hardening, waterproof filling compound – “Glued Rail Joints Repair” – into the joint. Instead of several hours of track closure, a repair can be effected within 20 minutes!

"With our know-how, we support our sister company WWG in expanding their portfolio. With these kind of cooperation, voestalpine Railpro is also growing outside its home market."
ZitatDominique Martens, Export Manager Railpro B.V.

The common development of the voestalpine companies in the global rail markets offer further excellent prospects of cooperation.

Volkmar Held