Premiere for voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation (RFC) at the Paris Air Show 2 minutes spent reading

Premiere for voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation (RFC) at the Paris Air Show

Volkmar Held
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voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation is a well experienced aerospace supplier. In 2015, it appeared together with voestalpine and Böhler Aerospace at the Paris Air Show for the first time.

Experienced aerospace supplier

Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show is the world’s largest and most important aviation and aerospace exhibition

Since its founding in 1947 RFC is active as a supplier for aerospace-industry. With the specialist in roll forming technology voestalpine is equipped with one more highly experienced aerospace-supplier that supplied profiles for the space shuttle program, too.



"With the alliance of voestalpine and RFC 15 years ago American business ingenuity and European precision technologies were blended to form a strong strategic alliance."
Geoff Repp, Director Sales and Marketing

Wide range of services

voestalpine RFC offers its customers a wide range of products produced from various specialized materials. Among them are Hastelloy engine rings, laser-welded titanium seat tracks and stringer profiles utilized in fuselage structures. voestalpine RFC provides customized roll-form manufacturing solutions with integrated secondary processing. RFC offers in-house engineering as well as tooling services.

Premiere in Paris

In occasion of Paris Air Show 2015 G.R. visited French capital for the first time, too. To develop customer contacts was on top of his wish list. In his luggage: A representative selection of RFC-products such as stringers and laser-welded titanium seat tracks. Also for these premium products, the company intends to develop additional markets. In addition, along with sister companies, closer supplier relationships shall be built to Airbus.


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