phs-ultraform® attracts interest in Detroit 2 minutes spent reading

phs-ultraform® attracts interest in Detroit

Stephanie Bauer
As a voestalpine Digital Native right from the start, Stephanie Bauer is responsible for the Corporate Online & Social Media Strategy in her role as Managing Editor for topic management in the newsroom.

Due to the extraordinary performance that voestalpine has already achieved with phs-ultraform®, General Motors invited voestalpine experts to the "1st GM PHS Supplier Forum" in Detroit (USA).

phs-ultraform® attracts interest in DetroitAt the request of General Motors, GRUNDIG AKADEMIE, one of the most well-known institutes for post graduate education in press-hardening steels, organized a topical convention. Some 120 participants accepted the invitation. As the only steel manufacturer with many years of experience in series production and processing of zinc-coated, press-hardening steels, voestalpine also plays a key role outside Europe. At the convention, a voestalpine expert gave a presentation on: “Zinc Coatings between Indirect and Direct Hot Stamping – A Magnitude of Experience”. The participants could also find out more about the process and products at the voestalpine information stand.

phs-ultraform® attracts interest in DetroitAccording to General Motors, the demand for high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels and press-hardening steels cannot be covered by American steel manufacturers alone. American steel manufacturers are working on the development of zinc-coated, press-hardening steels, but are still far from series production. voestalpine is a decisive step ahead in zinc-coated, press-hardening steels.







Stephanie Bauer