Of airplanes that take off – thanks to BÖHLER know-how 2 minutes spent reading

Of airplanes that take off – thanks to BÖHLER know-how

Volkmar Held
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They perform reliably in all types of Boeing and Airbus civil aircraft: components from BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik GmbH & Co KG.

Aerospace – an economic heavyweight

Side load fitting for the B787

Side load fitting for the B787

Aerospace is an economic heavyweight for BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik GmbH & Co KG. The Kapfenberg-based company earns more than 90% of its revenue in this sector. And the heaviest exhibited part at the BÖHLER stand at Paris Air Show 2015 also comes from a BÖHLER spindle press: a more than 400 kg side load fitting for the B787 Dreamliner. Like Airbus, this aircraft’s American manufacturer is one of the most important aircraft producers on the market, and is also one of many renowned customers in the aerospace segment. Head of Sales, Gerhard Gerstmayr, considers it his goal to be “on board” all major players’ aircraft types.


Powerful lightweights in action

Engine mount from BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik

Engine mount from BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik

From engine components to fuselage parts to landing gear, all elements must meet enormous requirements during take-off, en-route and landing. Only select materials can withstand these stresses. That is why BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik uses titanium, high-alloy steel or nickel-based alloys. The price of these materials and the desired reduction in the weight of the aircraft itself causes all manufacturers to look for ways to save material. Just one kilogram less on each German Lufthansa passenger plane would reduce the fleet’s annual fuel consumption by 25 tons – an economical and ecological benefit.


Technologies for safety and the environment

As a partner, BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik accompanies manufacturers down this path.

"In the aerospace industry, everyone knows everyone."
ZitatGerhard Gerstmayr, Head of Sales and Marketing at BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik

For partners in the aerospace industry, BÖHLER produces near-net-shape parts on spindle presses, effectively reducing weight without compromising safety. This will certainly be one of the many topics at the meetings about Paris Air Show 2015 in Le Bourget.


BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik customers include:

  • Bombardier (CAN)
  • Embraer (BRA)
  • Gulfstream (USA)
  • MTU (DE)
  • Spirit Aerosystems (USA)
  • Safran Group (EUR)
  • Snecma (F)
  • Asco (BE)
  • Bell (USA)
  • AIRBUS Helicopters (EUR)
  • AgustaWestland (I)
  • General Electric (USA)
  • Fokker (NL)
  • GKN Aerospace (SWE)


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