Heading upwards – for Böhler-Uddeholm France! 3 minutes spent reading

Heading upwards – for Böhler-Uddeholm France!

Volkmar Held
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Böhler-Uddeholm France is the key to the French aerospace market for the Böhler production companies. Consequently, attending the Paris Air Show 2015 at Le Bourget was a must.

BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM France S.A.S. is the key to the French aerospace market for the Böhler production companies. The sales subsidiaries provide major customers, OEMs including AIRBUS and SAFRAN, and their suppliers with special materials for aerospace applications.

Aerospace is the main segment

Joint chalet

Paris Air Show

Listening to him, you can feel the enthusiasm: Directeur Général of Böhler-Uddeholm France Yves Metzger is extremely positive about the potential the aerospace segment offers his sales company. “We’d be happy to have business prospects like this in other segments as well.” Yves Metzger returns inspired from the Paris Air Show 2015 held at Le Bourget from June 15-21, 2015. Böhler-Uddeholm France generates 40% of its revenue in the aerospace sector, and this is set to increase. When commissions earned by generating business for Böhler Schmiedetechnik are included, this rises to over 50%. As sales partner to Böhler Edelstahl and Böhler Bleche, Yves Metzger’s team is responsible for key French customers.

Competence in consulting and logistics

Mitry-Mory warehouse

Mitry-Mory warehouse (© Böhler-Uddeholm France)

The highly competent team provides OEMs and a variety of suppliers with more than special materials authorized for use in aerospace applications: the product portfolio also includes tool steels which ensure the high quality of aerospace materials processing. In order to support customers’ just-in-time systems, the company’s logistics network draws on capacities at its own warehouse in Mitry-Mory, and the central warehouse in Düsseldorf.

Future prospects

Yves Metzger sees the aerospace segment as the driver for growth at Böhler-Uddeholm France. However, it is not the intention to achieve the ambitious goal of a 20% increase in revenue solely in this core sector: diverse pre-processing tasks will also be undertaken to create added value, and supplemented in the future by PVD coating.

Metzger’s experiences at the Paris Air Show have strengthened his optimism. Böhler Group products certified by leading bodies together with perfect service make Böhler-Uddeholm France the natural choice for top companies in the industry for future programs as well.

"With our organization, our logistics, and our products, we have the ideal preconditions for further growth in the aerospace segment."
ZitatYves Metzger

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