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eifeler coatings for aviation applications

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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Eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH coatings improve the properties of substrates and are used in aeronautical engineering.

Over the past years the eifeler Group has successfully certified its know-how as an official supplier to the aviation industry, investing in technologies as well as approvals in this sector. The Group includes the Eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH whose coatings are used on substrates for the aviation industry. At first glance these coatings appear unspectacular: on average a coating is only three microns in depth (standard household aluminum foil is five times thicker). Yet they are extremely hard, significantly more so than hard metals, for example. These coatings have a huge impact, improving the component’s wear resistance. This in turn increases safety, a factor particularly important for aircraft engine parts which are subject to high stresses.

The path to becoming a certified supplier

The Eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH has been gathering experience as a supplier to the aviation industry (LEVEL 3) in Southern Germany’s Schnaittach since 2002, when the company was required to add coatings to a first batch of bearing rings produced by a roller bearing company whose products are used in aircraft turbines. Growing demand in the aviation industry has gone hand in hand with an increasing number of customers, and a simultaneous rise in quality requirements. This made it necessary for the Eifeler Werkzeuge GmbH to undergo audits in order to become a certified aviation supplier. Certification of eifeler hard coatings by Nadcap (the US National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) as well as TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Association) and other renowned turbine manufacturers is smoothing the company’s own takeoff within the aviation industry.

Staying in the air

eifeler intends to use this as a basis for expanding its activities in the aviation segment further, for the site has well-equipped heat treatment facilities as well as coating capacity. The aviation team is already developing ideas about how to create synergies by drawing on the many years’ experience enjoyed by the aerospace suppliers at BÖHLER Schmiedetechnik and Böhler colleagues in France.

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)