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Communications focus on the growing mobility sector

Viktoria Steininger
Redaktionell verantwortlich für die Themen am Blog, recherchiert und schreibt Viktoria Steininger auch selbst und gibt mit Geschichten Einblicke in den voestalpine-Konzern.

The dynamic and growing mobility sector is emotional and fascinating at the same time. Generating almost 50% of Group revenue, it is a key driver of innovation and an international growth area for voestalpine. That’s why the communications focus over the coming months will be on trends and innovations in the mobility sector.

Changes in mobility is one of the megatrends shaping our society. These changes are particularly pervasive in the automotive sector: new mobility concepts, drive chain electrification, autonomous driving, and digitally networked traffic are current issues facing industry players in the mobility sector. voestalpine is addressing these challenges and constantly striving to create innovative solutions.

"The future-oriented mobility sector is a key innovation driver here at voestalpine, and the most important engine of our international growth. With our unique combination of materials and processing competence and high-quality products, voestalpine is a premium partner to the most demanding customers in the mobility segment. This sector generates around 50% of our total revenue and will continue to enjoy the highest priority also over the coming years."
Wolfgang Eder, voestalpine AG

From the beginning of July 2017 the internal and external communication channels will focus their attention on the future of mobility, with articles, infographics, videos, and expert views offering detailed explorations of voestalpine developments, particularly in the automotive sector.

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Viktoria Steininger