Böhler-Uddeholm North America conquers the aerospace sector 3 minutes spent reading

Böhler-Uddeholm North America conquers the aerospace sector

Jürgen Schatz

Over the past year Böhler-Uddeholm North America (BUNA) has developed a targeted market strategy and extended its distribution network. Together with a successful personnel strategy, the company has created an excellent basis for growth in the coming years.

john_dibello-ricky_fabian-danny_corona-robert_brown-ruben_vegaThey’re now ready for take-off in the continually growing aerospace market: BUNA bundles the expertise of three Böhler-Uddeholm companies (Böhler-Uddeholm Corp. in the USA, Böhler-Uddeholm Ltd. in Canada, and BUMX/Böhler-Uddeholm Mexico) and its intelligent logistics and personnel strategy is creating the basis for veritable growth in the aerospace sector.

Ensuring growth

Art Smoljan, Vice President Sales Aerospace, summarizes: “The aerospace business represents a very exciting opportunity for BUNA and our young team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and sales opportunities, we expect to win greater market share in the coming months and years.” Inventory is being built up in the BUNA warehouses, starting with special steels for structural parts used in airframes. “We’ll also introduce other sophisticated materials such as nickel-based alloys,” reports Mark Appleton, Customer Experience and Engagement Manager at Böhler-Uddeholm Ltd. in Canada. Many orders are already agreed, and new business opportunities are presenting themselves every day.

aerospace-kent-plant-panoIntelligent logistics concept

“Follow the customer,” is also the order of the day at BUNA. Having understood the need to offer customers a full service, the company is establishing warehouses and service centers close to aerospace industry hotspots. At Kent, in the metropolitan area of Seattle, in America’s northwest, the company is within hailing distance of Boeing and its suppliers. On July 1 a warehouse for special steels will be opened in Walnut, in Southern California, near the world’s largest “aerospace workshop”, and the Grand Prairie site near Dallas, Texas, which supplies the central USA, has been operational for six months. There are plans to open a warehouse to supply the east of the country in the coming years. In Canada BUNA has set up a special steel warehouse in Rexdale, near Toronto, to serve aerospace customers in Ontario and Quebec.

Promising personnel strategy

In addition to its logistics, BUNA is focusing on a personnel policy which puts “the right people in the right places”. The company is taking on employees who understand the market and maintain close relationships with the aerospace industry. For Art Smoljan it is clear that, “This industry sector is a very small community of specialized companies. Business relationships have grown over many years and have a strong basis in trust.” By selecting the right team members and attracting highly experienced specialists, it has been possible to transfer these relationships over to the company. This is the basis for BUNA to secure long-lasting success in the aerospace sector over the coming years.

"The aerospace business is a very exciting opportunity for BUNA and our young team. Thanks to our high-quality materials and sales opportunities, we expect considerable success in the coming months and years."
ZitatArt Smoljan