BÖHLER Edelstahl stays on its path to success at Le Bourget 2 minutes spent reading

BÖHLER Edelstahl stays on its path to success at Le Bourget

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The Aerospace Business Unit is currently BÖHLER Edelstahl's most successful growth segment. Strategic partnerships are the topic of discussion at the Paris Air Show

Growth continues in the Aerospace Business Area

Current average growth in the Aerospace Business Unit at BÖHLER Edelstahl is at 14 percent, putting it two percent above that of the German aerospace supplies industry as a whole. Michael Stromberger, Head of Business Area Aerospace & Automotive at BÖHLER Edelstahl GmbH, assesses this result in terms of the overall context.

"We are Europe's number 2 in the Aerospace business area."
Zitat Michael Stromberger

The company’s products are installed in all Airbus and Boeing aircraft models. They are also proving their worth in the most highly demanding aerospace component – the aircraft engine.

Certified high-performance materials

High-alloyed steels, titanium and nickel-base alloys are the high-performance materials of which aerospace dreams are made. Used in structural parts and engine components, they must meet the exacting specifications of global testing facilities. TÜV, the British Standards Institution and US National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program are just a few of the keepers of the Holy Grail of aeronautical reliability. The experts at BÖHLER Edelstahl work in partnership with testers and customers. They develop new alloying concepts which, thanks to their improved characteristics, make it possible to construct equally safe yet lighter and more economical aircraft.

Saving six months of business travel


Paris Air Show: Business without end (© Verrier/Sunlight Image)

Trusted cooperation between suppliers and aircraft manufacturers is manifested in a series of business meetings at the Paris Air Show. “People have often known each other for years, and are prepared to try something new together,” says Michael Stromberger, explaining the situation. Managers responsible for making decisions on long-term partnerships are present.



"It's possible to meet all our global customers in just four days at the Paris Air Show, saving half a year's worth of business travel! "
ZitatMichael Stromberger

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