BÖHLER Bleche – a reliable supplier to the aerospace industry 2 minutes spent reading

BÖHLER Bleche – a reliable supplier to the aerospace industry

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With cross-rolled plates and sheets in steel and nickel-base alloys, BÖHLER Bleche supplies the aerospace industry with reliable semi-finished products.

Cross-rolling also an advantage in the aerospace sector

Duo rolling mill at Böhler Bleche in Mürzzuschlag

Duo rolling mill at Böhler Bleche in Mürzzuschlag

Even the largest of aircraft relies on small parts. The more parts that can be produced from a single steel plate, the greater the manufacturer’ success. This minimizes waste, transport and warehousing requirements. Cross-rolled plates from BÖHLER Bleche GmbH & Co KG are the ideal materials for customers. Thanks to cross-rolling technology, the steel plates exhibit uniform mechanical and physical characteristics in all directions. A variety of different components can be produced from a single plate, independent of rolling direction. They include parts of the landing flap system, door frames, engine casing, parts of the brake system, strengthening elements in the engine mounting, and others.

The Mürzzuschlag specialists guarantee consistent quality and reliability, part for part: certainly a benefit in the aerospace segment where safety is the ultimate consideration.


Material requirements for aircraft construction

Airbus A320neo (© Airbus S.A.S./P. Pigeyre)

Airbus A320neo (© Airbus S.A.S./P. Pigeyre)

Claudia Kerschenbauer, Managing Director of the Aircraft Materials business unit at BÖHLER Bleche, understands the wishes of her most demanding customers.

"We can meet the needs of aircraft construction best with heat treatable steel alloys, as well as plates and sheets in nickel-base alloys."
ZitatClaudia Kerschenbauer, Head of Business Area Aircraft Materials at BÖHLER Bleche

In view of the increasing use of composites in the aerospace industry, Böhler Bleche is constantly working on extending its aerospace product portfolio.

Advantages of the BÖHLER aerospace brand

A major strategic advantage arises from cooperation with BÖHLER subsidiaries. “The shared BÖHLER companies stand at the Paris Air Show generates synergies for our aerospace customers, and highlights our aerospace competence from a single source,” Claudia Kerschenbauer is convinced. This should help BÖHLER Bleche in the running to become a supplier for the new Airbus models.

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Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)