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voestalpine products in the automotive industry

Volkmar Held
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Safety, lightweight construction, e-mobility: voestalpine is highly active in fields vital to the future of automotive construction, and the Group’s products are present in almost all premium cars. A new video provides an excellent overview of the Group’s wide-ranging automotive competences.


voestalpine and automobility should be mentioned in the same breath. By offering the highest quality and intelligent system solutions in steel and other metals, the Group is a strategic partner to the international premium segment of the automotive industry. This is a unique position which stems from a value chain covering everything from steel production and the manufacture of laser-welded sheets through to the delivery of complete doors. And that is just one example of how voestalpine masters entire production processes.

directformvoestalpine: automotive safety

voestalpine products and services support the automotive safety of passengers and the environment. The high-strength steels of up to 2,000 megapascals and strength of laser-welded sheets ensure that all safety-relevant vehicle parts such as B pillars and stiffeners demonstrate excellent crash performance characteristics. These parts are manufactured using voestalpine’s own press-hardened steel technologies, including phs-ultraform® and phs-directform®.

Automotive manufacturers rely on the competence of voestalpine companies when it comes to passenger safety. Precision-manufactured components ensure that stringent safety standards such as those for restraints and airbag systems are upheld worldwide.

voestalpine products also ensure passenger safety in the current megatrend of e-mobility. High-strength and ultra high-strength steels prevent mechanical damage to the sensitive batteries in the event of an accident, thereby protecting the environment from additional pollution.

compacorevoestalpine for efficiency

High performance in vehicle propulsion is another plus when it comes to voestalpine products. Inline-bonded lamination stacks (compacore®), for example, enhance the efficiency of electrical energy conversion in e-vehicles.


Products made from voestalpine rod wire reduce resistance in ball bearings. voestalpine provides an efficient solution which benefits manufacturers of state-of-the-art combustion engines: turbo shafts made from cold extrusion wire guarantee safe and environmentally friendly drives whilst being more economical to produce.

Automotive comfort

State-of-the-art production technologies from voestalpine allow automotive manufacturers to create sophisticated vehicle designs with modern optics. For example, we use special welding processes, developed in-house, to produce accurately welded visible seams in aluminum outer panels. Due to their innovative method of production, the parts can be installed and painted by the automotive manufacturers without requiring further treatment.

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Volkmar Held