The making of the Formula E car video at the voestalpine in Linz 3 minutes spent reading

The making of the Formula E car video at the voestalpine in Linz

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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The 8th of May was the big day for a press conference in Vienna to reveal the new international partnership between voestalpine and the Formula E, and one of the highlights was most certainly the breathtaking video produced for the project at the production facilities of voestalpine in Linz.

Race car meets high-tech production facilities

voestalpine-formel-e-making-of-werkThe video took three days and many takes to shoot. A lot of work was put into the so-called “hero video” to communicate voestalpine’s sponsoring partnership with the Formula E.

It was a big challenge to avoid interrupting any production operations or works roadway traffic and to make sure that everyone was safe. “The video is a complete success thanks to the wonderful support of security personnel, the works fire department, emergency and incident services, production facility managers, countless apprentices and all the employees who assumed the role of actor for a while,” reports Michael Sterrer-Ebenführer, Group Communications, voestalpine AG, who is responsible for corporate sponsoring and production of the video. Organizational and logistics challenges had to be met, and the partnership had to kept secret until the press conference.

Employee acting skills in demand

voestalpine-formel-e-making-of-kranThe platform used to support the e-racing car when a crane makes it float through the air in one of the production buildings was designed, engineered and constructed by employees from the Steel Division. Scenes were also shot at the facilities of Automotive Components, at the works entrance as well as in hot dip galvanizing line and the continuous annealing line 2. The final scene showing roughly 70 employees was shot in front of the company headquarters. The result is a video that perfectly and impressively connects voestalpine as a technology firm with the fully electric Formula E racing car.


Take a look for yourself:

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Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)