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compacore® innovation for efficient electric motors

Viktoria Steininger
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compacore® stands for compact, inline-bonded lamination stacks, and is a new voestalpine Group highlight. compacore® makes it possible to produce innovative powerhouse lamination stacks that significantly improve efficiency.

compacoreWith its compacore® innovation voestalpine has developed a manufacturing method suitable for the serial production of full-faced bonded stators and rotors. In a newly developed inline process, highest quality electrical steel with a special self-bonding coating is bonded to form lamination stacks. This process avoids the inter-laminar eddy current losses that result from other joining processes such as welding or punched stacking and improves the electromagnetic properties of the stacks.

Combining materials and processing competence

The voestalpine Group laid the cornerstone for this product innovation in 2011 with the joint involvement of the Steel Division and the Metal Forming Division. It uses the inline-processable prematerial produced on Europe’s most modern electrical steel production facility at voestalpine Stahl GmbH in Linz. The unique layout of this facility, which went into operation in 2014, enables the innovative self-bonding coating to be applied to the annealed electrical steel. The development partner from the Metal Forming Division–voestalpine in Nagold, Germany–is now responsible for the serial production of compacore® lamination stacks.

voestalpine technology overcomes weak spots

In contrast to voestalpine’s new inline-bonded lamination stacks, other standard bundling technologies involve punching out lamination stacks from insulation-coated electrical steel. However, this causes localized damage to the layers of insulation between the sheets of electrical steel during stacking. This, in turn, reduces the electromagnetic quality of the stacks and thus the performance of the motors in which they are used. The customer is often confronted with undefined electromagnetic properties in stacks formed using this method. compacore® technology eliminates this weak spot.

Innovative powerhouse

compacore® lamination stacks are manufactured inline, in a hot stacking station. This technology retains the full-faced insulation and obviates previous bonding processes which resulted in a loss of quality. The stack grades are also quantified using an inline measuring process which has been developed in parallel. This provides customers with a guarantee of compacore® electromagnetic properties. The lamination stacks also offer:

  • Guaranteed, verifiable properties
  • Design freedom, small dimensions possible
  • Acoustic improvement through full-faced bonding
  • Improved thermal management—less cooling required.

Drivechain electrification is one of the most important future topics in the mobility segment. compacore® is the result of development across the voestalpine divisions and offers huge potential. In future it will be available to Metal Forming Division customers at other division locations around the world.

Viktoria Steininger