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Weld smarter with the voestalpine app

Christopher Eberl
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When it comes to steel, the steel & technology group voestalpine is combining its production and welding expertise in the digital realm: the Welding Calculator simplifies the planning and optimization of complex welding processes.

Weld joints are a critical factor in steel constructions, which is why the voestalpine Steel Division and voestalpine BÖHLER Welding Austria have bundled their expertise to create the new Welding Calculator.

Mastering complex challenges

voestalpine fully understands that when it comes to welding, the versatile nature of steel presents a complex set of challenges. In-depth knowledge of the material paired with extreme sensitivity are two preconditions for joining complex constructions. Extensive calculations of the precise welding parameters are also essential. Now the voestalpine Welding Calculator is taking over this complex and time-consuming aspect of welding.

voestalpine Welding Calculator

voestalpine offers a clear welding aid

The voestalpine Welding Calculator helps customers produce the perfect weld seam. Users click in the app to receive precise information; depending on the application area, modules can be called up covering:

  • cooling-down time
  • preheat temperature
  • calculation of welding filler quantities

The app immediately determines the specific production parameters needed to work with base metals and welding fillers. The voestalpine Welding Calculator also ensures a high degree of process security by checking that the chosen welding parameters fall within the recommended working range.

voestalpine app welding calculator

Universal welding aid always on hand

The voestalpine Steel Division and voestalpine BÖHLER Welding are offering practical options to registered users of the Welding Calculator: frequently required material data on base metals and welding fillers can be entered, irrespective of the manufacturer, ensuring this information is always on hand.

Steel & Technology group voestalpine combines material and joining expertise

It just clicked—quick and competent welding support from voestalpine.

The Welding Calculator is currently available via three user platforms:

Christopher Eberl