voestalpine Rotec acquires KTL facilities in Romania 1 minute spent reading

voestalpine Rotec acquires KTL facilities in Romania

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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voestalpine Rotec GmbH (Metal Forming Division) has acquired the KTL facilities of the Romanian company "Barum Technik" based in Timişoara. Henceforth Barum Technik will operate as “voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL” with a staff of around 160 employees. The acquisition in the coating sector represents a lengthening of the voestalpine Rotec value chain.

Cooperation since 2009

voestalpine Rotec GmbH and Barum Technik have already cooperated closely over the past eight years. All the seat belt tensioner tubes produced in Krieglach are coated by Barum using cathodic dip-coating (CDC). Over the past years more than 220 million tube components have been treated in this manner.

Coating a key element in the value chain

Cathodic dip-coating, or CDC, uses a direct current to deposit the coating on the inside and outside of the tube components, offering protection against rust and other damage throughout their service life. This ensures that the finished part functions as intended over the long term. Consequently, the coating is not simply an optical element and should be regarded as an important part of the Rotec value chain.

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)