voestalpine presents world debut in wheel warehousing 2 minutes spent reading

voestalpine presents world debut in wheel warehousing

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voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH presents its product innovation, cubiqo®, the first modular wheel warehouse system, for the first time at the AutoZUM trade fair.

From car dealers to wheel retailers to car service workshops, cubiqo® offers all customers a highly efficient, turnkey solution from a single source—including racking technology and building envelopes. From January 18 to 21, 2017, customers and other interested parties can experience the new system live for the first time at AutoZUM in Salzburg. They can use the different exhibit models to put together different variations (booth 0128 in hall 6).

Individual module system

The patent-protected module system is based on the silo design, i.e., the modules support the walls and the roof. No other supporting structure is necessary. The roof is placed directly on top; the trapezoidal wall plates are attached to the modules. A customized wheel warehouse can be built with a minimum of planning and construction effort.

Each warehouse is essentially constructed from four base modules. The four cubic modules that give cubiqo® its name all have the same external dimensions. One, two, or three levels—the modules can be individually combined to adapt any warehouse to the given requirements:

  • The warehouse module has a capacity of 144 wheels (= 36 sets).
  • The stair module connects one level to the next.
  • The lifting module is for installing a cargo lift.
  • The aisle module connects the warehouse modules.

Additional elements, such as the roof, walls, and an extensive range of accessories, such as doors, gates, canopies, and outside stairs, ensure a complete warehouse solution.

Complete solution from a single source

With the voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik specialists, customers receive everything from a single source: the necessary documentation for submission as well as the detailed planning, including auditable static loading conditions for the fundament. The service also includes extremely precise corrosion-resistant, strip-galvanized steel construction and the delivery and professional assembly of the complete solution.

cubiqo® advantages


  • Space-saving thanks to nine warehouse levels on up to three floors
  • Short paths, easy wheel handling, fast storage and retrieval
  • Cost-optimized: more attractive than many other wheel warehouse solutions


  • Quickly planned thanks to modular system, including static calculation
  • Turnkey solution with racking technology and building envelope from a single source
  • Attractive outside building appearance


  • Clever modules ensure a high degree of individuality
  • Tailored to the appearance of the customer’s company
  • Easily expandable at any time

Visit cubiqo® Website: www.voestalpine.com/cubiqo

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)