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US-A-Biz Award 2013

Stephanie Bauer
As a voestalpine Digital Native right from the start, Stephanie Bauer is responsible for the Corporate Online & Social Media Strategy in her role as Managing Editor for topic management in the newsroom.

voestalpine was nominated by the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles for the US-A-Biz Award for its US investments.

US-A-Biz Award 2013Parallel to the Academy Award ceremony, the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles, part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, honors significant successes on the US market. In den USA, the largest and most competitive market in the world, innovations, marketing, strategy, networking and speed are the decisive factors. This is the third time that the US-A-Biz Award has taken place. The economic Oscar is awarded in the categories of ‘spectacular’, ‘trendsetter’, ‘innovation’, ‘investment’, ‘start-up’, and ‘market penetration’.

voestalpine was nominated in the ‘investment’ category for its EUR 50 million investment in the automotive sector in a production facility for press-hardened ultra-strength steels, and for the planned construction of a plant in North America to produce direct reduced iron ore pellets.

The winner of the US-A-Biz Award 2013 will be announced by the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles shortly before the Academy Awards on February 24th, 2013.

Stephanie Bauer