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Uddeholm launches iPhone app

Stephanie Bauer
As a voestalpine Digital Native right from the start, Stephanie Bauer is responsible for the Corporate Online & Social Media Strategy in her role as Managing Editor for topic management in the newsroom.

In late November, Uddeholms AB’s own iPhone app will be available in the iTunes Store. The “Steelbook” contains interesting information and functions relating to Uddeholm and tool steel.

In addition to information about the product range and services provided by Uddeholm, the app also contains a product finder with a dynamic search function and a weight calculation function as well as contact information, a location map, product brochures, and much more. Through its development of “Steelbooks”, Uddeholm is demonstrating that iPhone apps are not just gimmicks but important tools in communication strategy and sales. Mobile apps are a new way to provide added value, increase competitiveness, and differentiate the company from its competitors.

As a first step, the “Steelbook” was developed only for iOS (iPhone, iPad) because Apple is one of the largest operating systems for smartphones and tablets. For the future, developing apps for Android, Blackberry, and tablets is being considered. The decision to start with iOS enabled us to have a very streamlined project plan that fulfilled all of the requirements that the app needs to meet. A significant advantage of the new platform is that it can continue to be developed further on an ongoing basis. The next steps will encompass other operating systems, personalized content, and more backend resources.

During the initial installation of the app, the data is stored on the device so that offline use is possible. Every time the app is restarted, it automatically searches for changes and uploads new data. The first time that supporting information, such as brochures, is downloaded, an Internet connection is required; after that, it is stored on the device for offline use.

Download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/uddeholm-steel-handbook/id573875337?mt=8

Stephanie Bauer