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Together in the spotlight

Christopher Eberl
Christopher Eberl is editorially responsible for the topics on the blog as well as for the apprentice website. With his stories he provides deep insights into the diverse world of the voestalpine Group.

The new spots of the voestalpine image campaign are extremely effective – mainly because employees and customers of voestalpine were on board in a tremendous way, in a variety of roles but all with impressive dedication.

The employees of voestalpine are of course the focus of the two new spots – but they are not the only ones in the spotlight. The latest technologies and products from the company also play a supporting role. After all, the technological developments are what account for the company’s much-vaunted “one step ahead”.


Technologies on the move

Innovative technologies are not only moving voestalpine and its customers forward to become market leaders in the most highly advanced industries, they are also moving countless people day after day: Airplanes or automobiles, for example, get us quickly and safely from one place to another – such as to work or a vacation destination. Thanks also to recent developments by voestalpine, great strides have been made in our means of transport where safety and weight reduction are concerned. Pioneering technologies like additive manufacturing allow 3D printing to be used to produce components from metal powder, which reduces weight and enormously expands design freedom.


Customers on board

It is no coincidence that voestalpine’s customers were also on board during the production of the image campaign: Alongside the colleagues in Communications, the Management Board members, key account managers and sales professionals in the companies also provided crucial support during the filming process. Thanks to their long-established contacts, they were able to obtain consent from customers to include cutting-edge products in the film. These included products that had been introduced in the market just prior to the presentation of the first film. That speaks for the good relationships that our voestalpine companies maintain with their customers. The voestalpine companies are often more than just reliable suppliers: They are also valuable development partners who work with their customers to pave the way for innovative products and technologies.


Latest products and technologies

With so many promising developments at voestalpine, choosing the right ones for the commercials was not easy. In the end, the following products and technologies were among the finalists:

  • the prototype for a new hood hinge system from Daimler called “Light Hinge,” which was made 50% lighter thanks to additive manufacturing
  • the side panel of the new Porsche 992 Coupé – unique in the automotive industry – which was shown in the TV commercial simultaneously with the product launch
  • highly advanced forged parts used in Boeing and Airbus aircraft – a Boeing 777 can be seen live in the TV spot in the hangar and on the tarmac of Vienna Airport, and a number of components are shown in the studio as floating products
Christopher Eberl