The world’s first pilot plant for electrical steel strip 2 minutes spent reading

The world’s first pilot plant for electrical steel strip

Stephanie Bauer
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voestalpine builds pilot plant for controlled annealing and coating of electrical steel strip.

The world's first pilot plant for electrical steel stripCurrently, 60% of the voestalpine Group’s revenues are made in the mobility and energy sectors. Lightweight construction will have a major impact on these sectors in the future. High-strength steels makes it possible to produce lighter and more energy efficient parts and components. The world’s first pilot plant for manufacturing improved electrical steel strip grades should help further expand the major growth areas in these sectors. This special steel strip has electromagnetic properties that improve efficiency, such as when used in electrical motors and generators.

The pilot plant is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2013. It will be the first plant of its kind suitable for commercial use. voestalpine development work is taking place in existing European R&D centers, including Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and of course Austria. The pilot plant will help drive the research and development of new steel grades and processing technologies, and open up new innovative applications for high-strength steels.

Stephanie Bauer