The Steel Story and the white book of steel 2 minutes spent reading

The Steel Story and the white book of steel

Stephanie Bauer
As a voestalpine Digital Native right from the start, Stephanie Bauer is responsible for the Corporate Online & Social Media Strategy in her role as Managing Editor for topic management in the newsroom.

To mark the 200th birthday of Henry Bessemer, the Worldsteel Association has published the white book of steel, and the microsite The Steel Story.

The white book of steelThe white book of steel examines the influence of steel on daily life, our social history and the future. The publication is available to download in e-book format from the worldsteel website. Concurrently with the book launch, worldsteel has published a microsite which takes a deeper look into the history of the steel industry. The steel story microsite is constructed in the form of timeline allowing visitors to scroll through the history of steel; from the discovery of iron in the form of meteorites, to the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the Bessemer process, through to modern high-tech solutions.

The Worldsteel Association is made up of 170 steel manufacturers (16 of the world’s 20 largest steel producers), national and regional industrial organizations and research institutes. Worldsteel’s members are responsible for around 85% of global steel production.

Stephanie Bauer