Technological change – Why it is so important for companies to actively play a part in shaping it 2 minutes spent reading

Technological change – Why it is so important for companies to actively play a part in shaping it

Björn Lüdtke
Freelance journalist and editor

Our world is changing. This is nothing new, of course, but technology is changing it more than ever – and, above all, faster. Sometimes the change is a reaction to technology, and sometimes new technologies are created in reaction to the change.

Today, technology is found everywhere. It permeates our lives. Sometimes we perceive it as new and sensational – self-driving cars would likely fit in this category. Often, however, technologies are so integrated into our daily lives that we hardly notice them as such, even when they are relatively new. Today’s omnipresent smartphone, for instance, has only been around for about ten years.

Shaping technology actively

But whether we notice it or not, technological change is happening – for us as private individuals, but even more so for companies. Those that want to remain viable must not only keep up with this change, but must also actively help shape it.

Let us consider one example: Even our grandparents traveled on trains that ran on tracks and turnouts. We are still traveling on them, but over the years turnouts have continuously been developed further. Apart from the fact that traveling over them is now more smooth and quiet and thus more comfortable, turnouts are now equipped with intelligent systems that enable them to monitor themselves, ensuring proper operation of their components under all conditions, including at high speeds.

Enhancing technologies

Technological change doesn’t always have to involve reinventing the wheel. Rather, existing technologies can be enhanced with new ones, or combined with each other, to make new solutions possible.

For example, turnouts have been made digital. For example, printing is possible not only with plastic but also with metals, and designs drafted on the computer go from the printer as a component directly to the assembly line. For example, high-strength body parts are made from press-hardened steel, to offer us even greater protection in a car. And, for example, new vapor-deposited coatings may soon recognize us through our hands alone, and open the front door for us without using any key at all.

Technology is the key

Change, as mentioned, has always occurred. It is part of doing business. Responding to change ensures a company’s survival. Today, however, technology is the key to maintaining and expanding a company’s role as a trendsetter. Whether the technology is new or a combination of existing ones – with them, together, we are shaping the future.

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Content written by Björn Lüdtke, he is a freelance journalist and editor.

Björn Lüdtke