South American wine grows on profiles from voestalpine Meincol 3 minutes spent reading

South American wine grows on profiles from voestalpine Meincol

Viktoria Steininger
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Galvanized vineyard poles from voestalpine Meincol are set to replace South America's wooden poles soon.

weinbergWhen you think of South America, the sun and the climate soon spring to mind – perfect wine growing conditions. Led by Chile, Argentina and Brazil, South America is the world’s second-largest wine exporting continent. Although wetter regions are unsuitable (ideal conditions for disease), the Andes provide the perfect climatic conditions for wine growing.


voestalpine Meincol introduces valeno® galvanized vineyard poles


voestalpine meincol valeno

The valeno® vineyard poles are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

voestalpine Meincol S.A. is now offering special solutions for wine growers on the South American market. voestalpine Meincol is a Brazilian company within the Metal Forming Division, and specializes in the manufacture of tubes and profiles.


voestalpine meincolvoestalpine Meincol’s new product is valeno® a galvanized vineyard pole which is intended to replace the wooden poles currently in use in South America’s vineyards. On the one hand, valeno® stands out because of the production process which is being used for the first time in South America, and, on the other, by its significantly longer lifespan compared to conventional wooden poles.

But it is the vineyard pole’s special geometry, above all, which offers the greatest advantages:


  • Limitless types of installation and uses possible
  • Unique fixing system for attaching and using the wires, and
  • Automates the process, from grape cutting through to harvesting


Starting out from a strong position in Brazil

valeno® profiles are already being used in Brazil, in the Serra Gaúcha region from which 90% of Brazil’s wine comes. However, voestalpine Meincol’s vision is not limited to Brazil: it intends to introduce valeno® to the entire South American market. The Andes, the main wine growing region, runs a length of 7,500 km through seven countries and almost the entire continent, and therefore is certainly a potential market for the voestalpine Meincol vineyard poles. This innovative product is coming to Chile at exactly the right time: in 1985, Chilean wine exports amounted to US$ 10 million; today this Andean country (over 4,275 km in length) is the world’s fifth largest wine exporter.

The first businesses with large wineries in Chile, as well as with leading wineries in Brazil, have already been closed.

Viktoria Steininger