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Smart Home – the intelligent house of tomorrow

Anne Kammerzelt
Anne works and lives as free project manager and journalist in Berlin.

These days it seems everyone is talking about the Smart Home. That’s no surprise, since new Smart Home solutions are packed with ways to improve our quality of life in every way: They offer greater security, save precious time, and reduce energy costs. The rapid development of these new technologies also prompts some to ask what exactly a Smart Home is.

A Smart Home is one in which the multimedia and household appliances interact and can be controlled remotely. Smart Home technology automates everyday tasks, while appliance settings such as heating, lighting and loudspeaker volume can be adjusted quickly via computer or smartphone to individual preferences. Thanks to WLAN and Bluetooth, devices can not only receive information but can also send it and thus communicate with each other.

Greater everyday convenience with Smart Home solutions

Smart HomeSmart Home technology includes countless newly developed products that aim for the future and are setting new standards in their fields. This means there are new solutions to many everyday problems. It all starts with sleep: Thanks to an array of sensors, beds not only collect data about duration, depth and quality of sleep, but the mattress also adjusts to be firmer or softer depending on the personal needs and preferences of the sleeper. New alarm clock innovations with Smart Home functionality will wake you up with a simulated sunrise, bringing warmth, light and music into the home, and will tell you when it is time to get going for the day’s first appointment – while of course also taking the traffic situation into account. Upon entering the bath, music or the news plays quietly to help you wake up. Cameras in the mirror detect how you are feeling based on the color of your face, and a floor mat measures weight, pulse and body fat. The coffee maker automatically prepares your morning cup of coffee – after you have set the amounts of frothed milk and coffee you want with an app. As soon as you leave the house, the thermostat automatically lowers the temperature setting and only begins to heat up again when one of the home’s residents gets closer to arriving there.

While you are at work in the office, the household appliances in your Smart Home do their work almost completely on their own, while offering personalized service: Washing machines can be operated from your workplace, so your laundry is finished when you need it – and the refrigerator features a camera so you can make up your shopping list while you are on the go. When you arrive home, intelligent locking systems let you use your smartphone to open the door via Bluetooth, meaning no more keys are needed. And when you settle in for the evening, you can use an app or voice command to select your favorite playlist and the perfect lighting.

Along with greater convenience, Smart Homes offer a wealth of solutions to protect your home from break-ins or to secure it against water damage with the help of humidity sensors. Many developments have already proven their value in everyday life and new innovations, products and materials are constantly enhancing the Smart Home even further. We’ll have to wait and see what else the future has in store…

Content written by Anne Kammerzelt, she works and lives as free project manager and journalist in Berlin.

Anne Kammerzelt