R&D programs are European showcase models 2 minutes spent reading

R&D programs are European showcase models

Stephanie Bauer
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The COMET research program and Christian Doppler Laboratories were selected by the EU

Worldwide, the voestalpine Group has around 150 ongoing R&D projects in cooperation with 36 universities, 35 university research institutes, 10 competence centers and 12 Christian Doppler Laboratories. The current EU commission expert report cites the COMET R&D programs and Christian Doppler Laboratories – voestalpine is a key partner of both – as European showcase models. Both programs are aimed at closely networking industry and science and drive the development of important key technologies.

R&D programs are European showcase modelsThe COMET program (Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies), which started in 2007, supports the setup of competence centers. The approximately 46 competence centers and projects focus on intensifying and bundling cooperations between industry and technology. voestalpine is one of the research partners of the Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics (ACCM), a worldwide unique mechatronic research institution.

voestalpine is currently involved with 12 Christian Doppler Laboratories, making it one of the largest partners of the Christian Doppler company. The CD laboratories are located in universities and research institutes in Leoben, Linz and Graz in Austria and in Munich and Düsseldorf in Germany. All partners benefit from the close partnership, which is limited to seven years. voestalpine receives fundamental research know-how for its industrial applications, and scientists have an excellent opportunity to establish themselves in their subject area.

Stephanie Bauer