R&D expert cluster with researchers from across the divisions 2 minutes spent reading
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R&D expert cluster with researchers from across the divisions

Christopher Eberl
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The research & development expert cluster researches into subjects of interest to all Group divisions. This system combines the advantages of decentralized research with the limitless potential offered by joint research.

R&D expert cluster with researchers from across the divisionsA total of 53 voestalpine companies undertake their own research. Once or twice a year the researchers meet at the Research Committee to discuss their current work. These meetings are used to identify a whole series of research topics which could become the subject of joint research. This has resulted in the creation of four networks; each of them examines a current topic already being researched in several companies. The researchers meet regularly to swap experiences and results. This enables knowledge which is available, but widely distributed, to be applied much more effectively.

voestalpine’s head of research, Peter Schwab, is enthusiastic and sees the first successes:

"We are a Group, we don’t keep secrets from one another. We can discuss openly, examine areas in greater depth, and learn a lot from each other. Some of the best brains worldwide are undertaking research within our Group, and they pool their knowledge in these networks to work on a subject relevant to the Group as a whole. "
ZitatPeter Schwab, Head of research

Christopher Eberl

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