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Opening of Meincol II in Brazil

Christopher Eberl
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The acquisition of Meincol Distribuidora de Acos 2008 in gave the Metal Forming Division access to the Brazilian market. On June 12, 2013, the official opening ceremony of the new Meincol II plant was celebrated.

Opening of Meincol II in BrazilBefore its acquisition, Meincol was a traditional family-owned company. Nevertheless, at the time it was acquired, it was well-known on the Brazilian market as a high quality manufacturer. In the past few years adjustments have been made and the philosophy of an international, listed company introduced. From the start, the focus was on tubes and sections. As a result, Meincol has developed from a steel distributor with tube production into an international tube and section specialist.

On June 12, the second Brazilian plant was opened in Caxias do Sul, 7 kilometers away from the current site. In the future, special tubes will be produced in this new 11,000 sqm plant, and pre-processing capabilities will be created to supply customers with complex special sections. The new special tube system brings the new direct forming technology to South America for the very first time. voestalpine Meincol is also starting its own tool manufacturing to be able to manufacture special products more quickly and flexibly. In the future, 280 well-trained employees will work at the two sites.
Employees at Opening of Meincol


Christopher Eberl