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One-stop shop for welding solutions

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voestalpine Böhler Welding is taking a further step towards becoming a full welding solution provider. Offering a perfect combination of welding consumables and welding machines, the Böhler Welding brand guarantees smooth workflows and efficient welding processes.

It is only logical that a respected global provider of welding equipment should offer complete solutions. In accordance with this philosophy, voestalpine Böhler Welding, represented by its core brands Böhler Welding, UTP Maintenance, and Fontargen Brazing, is gradually becoming a full welding solution provider, offering a unique portfolio of

  • services,
  • consumables,
  • accessories, and now also
  • welding machines.

Otto Schuster, Head of the Strategic Business Unit Welding Equipment, describes this step as a process of evolution, although the move to incorporate equipment into the portfolio has been accomplished very quickly.

"We completed the project in only six months, and now cover all the areas of expertise needed to make us a full welding solution provider in the welding technology sector. This allows us to have a greater impact, and my impression is that we’ll stir up the world of welding a little, and by doing so develop it further."
Otto Schuster, Head of the Strategic Business Unit Welding Equipment

End-to-end solutions for customers

As a full welding solution provider, voestalpine Böhler Welding is now able to offer its custom-ers end-to-end solutions. This is necessary because many customers are looking specifically for partners with the widest possible range of welding technology expertise. voestalpine Böhler Welding achieves this by offering smooth workflows and efficient welding processes: coordinat-ing welding fillers with welding machines is unique within the industry and enables precision welding of hitherto unknown dimensions. “We have adapted the strategy, and until recently have only needed to add welding machines in order to become a full welding solution provider. These we can now also supply,” explains Otto Schuster, and notes that there are only a few manufacturers in the market who also operate as solution providers.

Terra and Uranos product families

The requirements and the demand are there: choosing the correct welding machine and the appropriate filler guarantees increased productivity and maximum process security. This is sym-bolized by the two product families, Terra and Uranos, and their names have been chosen with care: “Terra” stands for earth and represents traditional welding. It is used in harsher environ-ments, such as steel welds in general steel construction. In contrast, the firmament “Uranos” represents the future and perfect welding using innovative materials. This coordination be-tween the company’s own welding fillers and the range of machines is unique. Working togeth-er with metallurgists and electronics technicians, the voestalpine company can extract the max-imum from the process.

Positive feedback

The first responses from the market have been extremely positive. The company’s decision to position itself as a full welding solution provider is seen as a logical development. Accordingly, the business unit has a global presence, with its key markets currently in Europe and the Middle East. Otto Schuster believes that his colleagues have played a special part in the success of this new venture: “I see our employees as being the key promoters as well as highly effective am-bassadors. They embody this new direction, and our customers are accordingly convinced.”

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…is designed to meet the needs of steel welders. The machine is easy to use, robust, reliable, and features programs especially developed by experts. The compact yet robust construction of these machines make them ideal for use in a wide range of working environments, even in con-fined spaces. TERRA welding machines from Böhler Welding are happiest in heavy-duty use and guarantee long-lasting joins.


  • Easy handling for the welder
  • User-friendly ergonomics
  • Low weight
  • Ideal for steel welds
  • Flexible use

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…is the best choice for any energy-efficient high-tech inverters. The welding programs are indi-vidually adjusted to the company’s own welding fillers. The modular construction and perfectly coordinated components make this a welding system for the future. The premium inverters used in the URANOS series are equipped with numerous technical refinements. For example, welders are inspired by the ability to call up pre-set welding parameters depending on the re-quirements, whilst guaranteeing reproducible and excellent welding results.


  • Excellent wire feeding properties due to innovative wire feed concept
  • Connection to automation systems and robot systems possible
  • Digital color display for easy process selection
  • Cutting-edge digital inverter technology
  • Cost-saving energy efficiency (even in demanding continuous operation)

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Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)