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New voestalpine corporate design

Tanja Kastner
Together with her colleagues from the Media Relations Team, Tanja Kastner is responsible for press relations in the voestalpine Group.
New visual image

The voestalpine Group is marking the consistent implementation of its strategy and its changing self-image by updating its visual identity: its transformation from a European steel company to a global technology and capital goods group is now also being mirrored in its corporate design. The new visual identity combines tradition with future expectations, and increasingly symbolizes dynamism and a focus on the future.

"It is now the right time to also publicize the Group’s successful development in the form of an updated corporate design, both internally and externally, in order to raise awareness of these changes. We want to achieve a conscious and orderly transition to a significantly altered strategic focus, namely to reflect our self-image as a technology and capital goods group in our visual appearance."
ZitatWolfgang Eder, Chairman of the Management Board of voestalpine AG

Over the past 15 years the voestalpine Group has developed from a traditional steel company with its manufacturing operations predominantly located in Austria, into a global technology and capital goods group with almost 50,000 employees worldwide.

Important part of brand communication

Logo Comparison

A contemporary, uniform font is the core element in the new corporate design, and conveys the voestalpine Group’s strong focus on the future. The former color distinction between “voest” and “alpine”, a reference to their separate past, is now superseded by a single color, blue. The missing dot above the “i” renders the logo more recognizable and distinctive.

Despite the many updates, care has been taken to ensure that the new appearance retains core elements and guidelines. Consequently, the claim “One step ahead.” remains.

"The voestalpine Group regards corporate design as an essential part of brand communication. It is important to proceed carefully in converting our external corporate identity because people, especially customers and employees, associate particular values, products, services, the company philosophy, and their own personal experiences with our image."
ZitatPeter Felsbach, Head of Group Communications and voestalpine AG Spokesman

The general objective remains to drive forward the communications activities of the globally active group at an international level, and to maintain a consistent focus on the Group Strategy 2020, while at the same time ensuring that the Group’s high internal standard of information provision continues over the long term despite permanent growth.

Offensive communication strategy

New LogoIn the coming weeks and months all internal and external voestalpine communication materials and channels worldwide will be converted to the new corporate design. The voestalpine Corporate Blog recently underwent a comprehensive relaunch, marking another step forward in the technology and capital goods group’s offensive communication strategy. The use of moving images, online and social media communication, and digitalization is also being actively strengthened throughout the company.

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