New video for the current image and brand campaign with an automotive focus 1 minute spent reading

New video for the current image and brand campaign with an automotive focus

Viktoria Steininger
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Following the launch of the new voestalpine image and brand campaign in December 2016 with the corporate image video, now comes the third TV spot, which has been broadcast in Austria since May 1, 2017.

The 30-second spot primarily centers around an automotive theme and uses the innovative process phs directform® – in which high-strength car body panels are heated, formed and hardened in a single process step – and additive manufacturing (3D printing with metals), to demonstrate what the use of new technologies will make possible in this sector in the future.

Technological developments the focal point of the new campaign

The new image and brand campaign consists of four TV commercials that will be aired successively and will be supported through the communication channels of the company over the next two years. The stories in the brand films link the world of voestalpine with the everyday lives of the people and show that technological developments are a chance in both our private and professional lives to help shape our world the way we want it.

Speaking of technology: All data, facts and items of interest related to the automotive sector or additive manufacturing, as well as information about other technological developments from the Group, can be found on our page focusing on the key communication topic of technology (

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