New US plant for automotive components opened in Cartersville 2 minutes spent reading

New US plant for automotive components opened in Cartersville

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A new Metal Forming Division plant has been under construction in Cartersville since November 2012. On April 22, 2014 the first development stage at the new site was officially opened.

New US plant

New US plant

groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony for the second part

voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc., a subsidiary in the Metal Forming Division, is investing in a new automotive site in Cartersville in the State of Georgia. Work started on the new plant back in November 2012, and on April 22, 2014 the first development stage was officially opened.


Production of high quality automotive components

cartersville-employeevoestalpine Automotive Body Party Inc. is the new base for supplying ultra-high strength body-in-white components for premium car manufacturers. The scope of work covered at the site ranges from pressed parts and assembly, to hot forming and laser-welded blanks. The newly opened plant will primarily produce high quality automotive components (body-in-white parts):

  • Assembly of phs-ultraform components
  • Pressed parts
  • Hot formed phs-ultraform parts
  • Production of laser-welded blanks and
  • Production of replacement parts for OEM (original equipment manufacturers)

The Cartersville site is an important step for voestalpine Automotive Body Parts, enabling it to provide high quality support to local customers. The geographical proximity to customers is also important, with many products being subject to a tight time frame between production and processing.


Business Park is established

1,100 ton Fragor servo press

1,100 ton Fragor servo press

The first development stage of the plant in Cartersville includes four assembly facilities, a quality testing chamber, 1,100 ton Fragor servo press, and a smaller press. As soon as stage one is complete, the second stage will commence with the installation of a phs facility. Around 22 employees currently work at the site; once complete, the workforce will number 220.

A large Business Park is planned in Cartersville in the future. Current and potential voestalpine customers are also planning to locate directly on the industrial site, making this an extremely efficient location. Future contracts have already been secured with renowned automotive manufacturers, especially premium German marques.





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