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New raw materials area at Villares Metals

Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)
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The new raw materials area at Villares Metals in Brazil was opened in mid-July. This investment allows the company to significantly optimize its use of raw materials.

The new raw materials area at Villares Metals covers a total area of 36,000m². Its functionality is unique both in Brazil and within the voestalpine Group. More than 400 people were involved in planning and constructing the area.

Reasons for a new raw materials management system

Villares MetalsRaw materials make up a significant proportion of the production costs at Villares Metals (over 50% on average). The former conditions prohibited the optimal use of the raw materials, and therefore the decision was made to invest in a new raw materials area.

For a long time the metals were stored and processed in rather unsuitable areas, with insufficient space available to separate the waste products accruing during production by chemical composition and format (metal shavings, parts, and dust).

Another major challenge involved in storing and processing the materials was the format of the buckets used to charge the oven as they failed to correspond to the geometry of the oven itself. The company was also limited in its ability to buy in scrap because of the limited productivity of its scrap processing (gas cutting and handling).

Advantages of the new raw materials area

The newly created area offers many new opportunities for increasing efficiency and productivity:

  • Reduces transport costs and improves inventory management by bringing together all the scrap generated during production at a single location
  • Increases productivity through the use of mobile excavators instead of conveyor cranes to fill buckets.
  • Sufficient space to store raw materials according to their chemical composition
  • Increases performance and reduces waste in the steel plant due to sufficient space to store raw materials according to their format
  • Optimizes oven charging and minimizing disruptions to the charging process (fewer buckets per load)
  • Reduces environmental impact of materials contaminated with oil as the result of 100% impermeability
  • Scope to vary the size, distribution and assignment of materials through the use of mobile boxes which can be flexibly adapted to current production
  • Greater security in storing, transporting and using the raw materials, and
  • Avoids noise pollution in the local environment by erecting the raw materials area sufficiently far away from inhabited areas

Villares Metals is able to manage its scrap and alloys far better as a result of this investment. The transport, storage, processing and in particular the use of the raw materials can be significantly optimized.

"This is the best investment for strengthening the pillars of the company, and to guarantee sustainability in an ever more competitive market."
ZitatLuiz Roberto Moraes, responsible for the Raw Material Area
Viktoria Steiniger (Maternity Leave)